SMB Advertising, Creative Development, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Interactive and Web Design in Southern Ontario and Niagara



Why We Are LOUD!

LOUD is a full-service advertising agency with a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sector throughout Southern Ontario.

LOUD Advertising brings brainpower, perspective and creativity to the strategic planning table. We advocate two-way, research-based authoritative communication. We develop effective solutions by creating understanding and awareness, commitment to, and support for our client's goals and initiatives. Our team is known for innovative ideas and solutions that demand attention, as well as assisting clients in developing and maintaining their reputation by effectively managing their stakeholders' relationships. We are, at the root, communicators who understand that it is the audience or stakeholders that is important.

LOUD has worked with numerous organizations in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors to develop powerful new brands along with supporting marketing, advertising and communications campaigns and materials. Together we offer a complete range of strategic communications and branding expertise, creative development, graphic design and production services for print, electronic and multi-media environments.

Our work in developing and implementing research-based brand strategies for clients has provided us with a strategic knowledge of branding and how collateral materials and multimedia tactics fit into the branding mix. As a result, we have extensive experience in the development of visual identities, branded images, logos, taglines and understand how to apply a visual identity to a variety of supporting collateral materials such as newsletters, brochures, letterhead, annual reports, radio scripts, trade show booths and multi-media tactics such as web sites, e-newsletters and videos.

Of particular note is our previous experience working with not-for-profit, tourism and government organizations in the Niagara Region on a variety of communications and marketing initiatives.